SQL Hosting

SQL Hosting is a hosting, which utilizes SQL database. There are many SQL databases used as SQL hosting backend, and the most common are MS SQL Server (2000 or 2005), MySQL, and MS Access.

Why SQL Hosting?

You may ask what is the difference between a regular and SQL hosting. A regular hosting account, which doesn't offer SQL databases usually uses static HTML pages to present its content. The disadvantage of that is that if you have a large website with many static web pages, any change in the common layout or functionality of the site becomes a nightmare. On the other hand if you use SQL hosting and have your entire web content in a database, you will utilize a server side technology like ASP, ASP.NET or PHP to get the content out of the SQL database and display it in the user's browser. This way if you need to make layout or functional changes on your website you'll simply change a single or handful of dynamic pages, which display your content. Utilizing SQL hosting gives you the advantage of separating your content of your website layout and functionality.

Selecting SQL Hosting Provider

Selecting SQL Hosting provider doesn't look like an easy task. How do you choose a SQL hosting, when there are so many SQL hosting providers on the market? The answer as in everything else is "perform due diligence". There are several things to do when choosing SQL hosting:

Harnessing the power of databases will get your website to a whole new level, that's why getting SQL hosting is a must for every serious website. There is no need to spend a lot of money on SQL hosting either - you can get a quality SQL hosting for just $10-$15 per month.