SQL Training

SQL training and IT training in general have become a must for software, database and web developers. The IT main task is managing information, and usually this information is stored in a database using RDBMS like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL or MS Access. RDBMS or Relational Database Management Systems use SQL (Structured Query Language) to manipulate (insert, delete, modify, extract) the data in the database.

SQL training can formal or informal. For example if you take one of Microsoft's SQL Server training courses you can go on exam and get a valuable SQL certification. Most big database vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and MySQL offer SQL training courses and SQL certifications. Another option is to train SQL informally by using books, or online resources like SQLCommands.net.

No matter which specific database server are you going to use in your work, having general SQL training is always a good idea. Once you grasp the main SQL concepts you will be able to apply them to any database environment.